Chapter 19 – Networking

I liked California. It was ungodly expensive and I wasn't able to afford living there with the car payment and a newborn. I liked working for a small town tech company that had rich community ties and dealing with customers face to face, day to day. It's a better environment when there is familiarity and... Continue Reading →

The Other Side

"I'm caught in a hurricane. I'm leaving here dead or alive. And I know that I'd be willing to feel the pain. If it got me to the other side."Hurricane - Theory of a Deadman There's little room for happiness, when you're stuck between the emotional numbness of medication and the burning hatred of your... Continue Reading →

Batman: Arkham City

Taking place one year after the events of Arkham Asylum, the slums of Gotham have been converted to a prison run by warden Hugo Strange. At the beginning of the story, Bruce Wayne, not Batman is arrested by TYGER mercenaries and imprisoned. Finding a chance to escape from his bonds he is able to get... Continue Reading →

Chapter 18 – Incompatible Software

If you have read any of this, you should know by now that I consider it a different place.  I'm different person.  Our trip out there after Brandon was born helped influence my opinion on that.  It was a memory, and I was ok with leaving that life in that past.  It didn't mean that... Continue Reading →

Final Fantasy and its Evolution

Before continuing I think it's important to understand my history with the Final Fantasy Series.  It started with IV.  Playing as the Dark Knight turned Paladin, and the allies that he gains and loses throughout the story of crystals, summoned monsters and the Big Whale.  For a good part of my life, the go to... Continue Reading →

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Venturing from the full 3d roaming of Arkham Asylum, Blackgate offers a slightly different 2.5 dimensional gameplay. Blackgate takes place before Arkham Asylum in the overall timeline of the games but after Arkham Origins. While we haven't played Origins itself, Blackgate is built sufficiently enough to stand on it's own. While the games resembles a... Continue Reading →

Batman: Arkham Asylum

I played through this a few years ago, but just did a play through for a second time. This time I payed more attention than I remember the first time through. It was a little more than the mindless button pushing of the combat system, with the occasional counter. It was listening to the interview... Continue Reading →

Sleeping Dogs

We haven't really done a review in a while. But Sleeping Dogs was enough for us to feel the obligation to give one to share the enjoyment we had playing it, and to do our part to help give the exposure we feel it deserves. Most people have heard of the Grand Theft Auto series.... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Memory

The last year has been relatively hard on the anxiety.  It started to occur to me that the anxiety started really appearing shortly after my last puff on a vape pen.  It wasn't long after that the company I worked for decided to relocate their support department to another city and I wasn't prepared or... Continue Reading →

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