Prologue – Serpents of Dawn

Starting as a Mercenary of what was once the Argent Dawn organization. After the third war, members of the Argent Dawn found Kilazar Asteroth on the brink of death. He created a commission to fight the burning legion from the shadows as a hand of their mission.  The way they struck out were like serpents in grass which led them to be referred to as the Serpents of Dawn.

On a pivotal mission against a scourge necromancer, one of their own, a warlock named Messaner turned on them  With the help of one of his minions, a human named Ahliarin the group survived the betrayal and freed of her mind control, Kilazar spared her life and let the Argent Dawn decide her fate.

While Kilazar put his energy into finding Messaner, Ahliarin sought to find her place with a world she was alien to.  The Argent Dawn allowed her to live but she would be escorted by one of their own, Pado Ivengard to Northshire abbey for what they called a rehabilitation at the hands of Noriella Lightgiver.

While she was at Northshire, she became more adamant about requesting to join the ranks of Kilazar and his serpents all with heavy push back from Noriella.  Until she was called to the main hall, where she was greeted by more than she expected, including Kilazar.  She was granted her chance but after leaving the abbey Kilazar was extremely clear on two specific points.  This happened to be in conjunction with an alias of hers that seemed to have been adopted by somebody else, as well as a man they sought to find on this mission was last rumored to be looking for her as well.

At first they realized she was not fit for missions, she lacked confidence and due to her past was scared of what she could end up doing.  The serpents were not going to tolerate it and if she wished to continue she would learn and kilazar started to train forcing her to block with a staff gradually striking faster and harder.  She wasn’t sure why they took such consideration in her but she excepted it.  Pushing through the lack of sleep as they traveled, the bruises and pain from where she was not fast enough.

In the end it was her willingness to do what was necessary that she was allowed to continue, constantly proving that the team could trust her to be there, and they too showed she could trust them.  She kept on until the serpents disbanded, leaving her lost and jaded but not confident enough to lead.  Until a vision came to a Draenei shaman from the Exodar, and this suggested to Brynn, a member of the argent dawn who also was the main contact of the serpents, that it was that team that would be needed to fight this threat.

Now they have returned. Messaner has once again been located and their mission appears to be related to the history of an eredar and orc from before the scourge came to lordaeron.

Today Ahliarin has agreed to a request from King Varian Wrynn to continue the serpents of dawns charter since Kilazar disappeared.  Telladi and Shanor and many other serpents also having found different paths, and after her recent experiences took time to decide.  But now she is back, with an old friend and her handpicked team.  Today, the legion has come to Azeroth in force.  Today she brings the fight them.  Today, she finds her destiny.

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