Tears fill my eyes like a flood, and I start to lose my way

I fight to stand through hell as the heat begins to rise

I can feel the flame inside me, an inferno of emotions

They take control and lead the way: cowering, I do exactly as they say

Walking through time, trying to find a way. Lost inside decisions, that make me want to say

Things I want to tell and words I wish to speak. It always ends the same, I’m just to fucking weak

Trapped inside a mirror, looking back at me. Looking for a way, to make my self believe.

It never looked so difficult, but looks aren’t what they seem. Moving through the journey, alone to fight for dreams

An isolated road, full of morbid pain. To turn back, to stand, or strive for the end

I might have once said, guilt was just a tool. Now I see the truth, and it only leaves a stain

I wish to take out suffering, but not the pain in me. The one who suffers means much more, so I have to wait and see

How’s it gonna end, what’s it gonna be, the road that ends before me. A populated city, or a small deserted country

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