Life Fading Away

Life is like a ferris wheel, that’s spinning all around

The meanings like the missing link, never to be found

Life is like an elevator, going up and down

Then when life is over, you’re six feet underground


We run around in circles and try and catch our tails

We try and save each other when we cannot save ourselves


Racial Wars, sleezy whores, spill some blood and we want more

Anal Rape, sodomy, censorship and blasphemy,

Grand theft, homicide, genocide and suicide


The fucking drugs, the kids go stray, it’ll drive your ass insane

You’re sucked into the violence and you will not get away

This melancholy life I live every fucking day


We’re killing ourselves, by killing one another

Father kills son, brother kills brother

It sucks we have to end this way

There’s nothing left for me to say

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