One Last Wish

I watched you standing in the hall, an angel from the sky

Thinking I could only love you, only made me sigh

I never told you that I loved you, but now I wish I had

Cause now i’m lost in this confusion and all I do is hide

I never had the courage, I didn’t even try

I thought that I’d get laughed at, which made me wonder why

Why I’d want to love, as much as I do now

I really want to say it, but I don’t know how


To feel your lips, a soft gentle touch

I never knew I could love this much

Not until I saw you, it was like a dream

Could it be true, cause that’s what it seems


The sound of your voice, a sweet soft whisper

The look in your eyes, that beautiful glimmer

To touch your lips, a passionate kiss

A romantic evening, that one special wish


If I could embrace you in my arms, and hold you to my heart

Could it last forever, or would the love just fall apart

I’m standing all alone, looking at the sky

I’m making one last wish, that the dream will never die

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