Take a Look

What the fuck is going on, I’m looking all around me

All there is, is violence, as far as I can see

I begin to wonder, when will it all end

You’re fighting with each other, but on each other you depend


You should take a look around at the world you are killing

You’ll notice all the blood, you’re stupid wars are spilling

You can’t see, what you are doings wrong

By the time you stop, the world’s done gone

You’re wound up in a racial hate

If you don’t stop now, its already too late


You’re power hungry demons, who make me fucking sick

With all your disagreements and stupid ass politics

You worry about the future and what will lie ahead

If you took a look around you, you’re better off dead

There’s a message in the silence and there’s treachery in war

You’ll start to believe it in, when bodies wash up on the shore

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