My Thoughts on Existence (Circa 1996)

Sometimes I wonder if yesterday is  a memory

Of if tomorrow is a dream

Could you ever really change the past

Or ever see the future before it gets here

Is time just a circle

Is this occasional but seldom feeling some call dejavu

Just a small glimpse of a life your soul has experienced before?

Is the future yet to come, planned? Or can it be changed.

Is our destiny laid out at our feet to be repeated over and over again

The essence, the meaning of life is yet to be discovered

Is there a secret to eternal life

Do we want to know how life got started or will the truth frighten us to death

Is there a beginning to this endless nightmare we call time?  Is there an end?

Or is it that spinning in circles in time is our fate?

Sometimes you have to wonder how did it all begin?  Has god been here forever?

We believe that everything was created by God

but then we believe that there is a beginning to everything

Could it be that there is a supernatural being that has given us all we know

Would he have made a universe and and put life on one small planet

What would be the point in all those trillions of specs we call stars

Will there be an end to time

and if there is will it scare the hell out of us

The answer lies in the darkness,

the undiscovered part of the human soul

where pure intelligence is waiting to be found

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