Manifesto of a Lost Soul

I stood there, looking into the confused blue eyes of a scarred and wretched soul of a man, which lie in the middle of the street. His youthful face was consumed by pain and his heart poured out any life remaining within him. He was in so much agony. He extended his arm, begging for help without saying a word. His lips trembled and his body shook. A cold remorse blew on this shadow of a man, as he lay naked in his own despair.

Why? There he lay, wallowing in what could be his final hours, yet he would not accept help. It was the misunderstood last wish of a dying man.

I saw him and I wasn’t going to let him die in this manner so I tried to move him. As I did so, I realized I could not touch him. He would not let me near him. It appeared as if he wanted to lose his life in hopes that a better one would arise from the ashes. He seemingly looked as if he was a man who drowned so deep within his own lies of what life was he could no longer escape. When I tried to talk to him the only response I received was the mumbling of words, which formed inconsistent sentences regarding how things were his fault. He had somehow built up this wall to make himself invisible to the rest of the world.
The color of his aura began to alter. What was happening now? It changed from a transparent shade of milky whiteness to the pitch darkness of a black hole. The eyes sank back into deep sockets and his heart slowed. As his essence lie there, losing all that remained of life within him, he started to write in the dirt. His shifting hand slowly formed an R, then an E, until next to this mauled body rest R – E – M – E – M – B – E – R.

Why did this message seem directed at me regardless of the fact my efforts to help this soul were lost. I realized now, that this was the end of his life and it was too late for him. Was he trying to let me know he wanted me to remember him? Did he want to pass something on to me that he learned in his life, realizing what ever it was at the moment of death? I did not understand. Slowly the soul floated away leaving only the vacant body of a dead man.

I tried to touch it, succeeding now where I once failed. I did not know what to think now. As I looked closer I noticed his multicolored hues of blonde and brown combed back hair. The frames of his sunglasses that I never noticed were there shattered over his face and his plain exterior showing all to familiar features. This soul, this spirit, I just witnessed die, was me.

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