Echo of Aether

So what is “Echo of Aether.” For me it’s work of love, to put it simply. For me it’s heartache and frustration, of having a story, that doesn’t seem to want to come to like. It’s the culmination, of ideas, reiterations and thoughts that have been systematically worked over to come to a story of High Fantasy.

For almost thirty years now, I’ve wanted to tell my own stories in one medium or another. Originally it was video games, starting with “The Legend of the Sacred Sword.” Which a friend also took that idea and worked on the idea of “Death Omega Saga.” The lost dream of a naive adolescence. It was a story that was being written amongst friends. Hobbs McFarlen, who’s story i don’t even remember any more sadly and all the other characters that had identities and skill sets to be put into the jRPG format. After I left my home, to move 1200 miles away for schooling, the game idea faded and its world was used in a briefly tested tabletop environment, but the story would never be truly abandoned. I had gotten into the idea of film for some reason that escapes me. I had a book at the time called the Screenwriter’s Bible. I was going to write this killer fantasy movie and sell it to Hollywood. Thats what dreams are though.

With each passing day though, I realize I have more stories, all without endings. I spent the better part of the last couple years working on parts of another story, but my heart was never far from this one. I have also developed ideas for a few other stories. Which will get its own section on this website.

It was in the year 2000, when I first picked up the Wheel of Time, by the now resting Robert Jordan that my story would truly begin to not only take shape, but transform into something new,something better and take on a life of its own . With video games, you got a brief look at characters and a limited vision of a world, limited to system storage space but its really about the interaction of the world by the character and mechanics. With movies, its really all visuals. You don’t get to interact, you get a brief bit of characters, but its performance over story in many cases. Don’t get me wrong, HBO’s take on Game of Thrones has brought fantasy a long way in terms of paced story telling, as moves are up to three hours or bust. With a book though, its about feeling. It’s about engaging the imagination with descriptions to give you a picture of a story, that plays out in your head, but more importantly put you in a characters shoes in a way that interaction is done through your senses. Feeling their pain, through their thoughts. A written story, has yet to be topped, in giving a reader the ability to fully experience what a character does through their imagination.

A few years ago I had edited myself into a burn out because I did not follow the advice of a fellow author, as well as try to take to much on myself. Pen never hit paper in that time. Until it became apparent to me that its time to delve back into the world. To finish what I had started. Even without writing in the story itself, not once did my mind fail to come up with tweaks, adjustments and clarifications to the current story. The passion kept the idea alive even in down time. That fellow author’s advice. “Just write.” Don’t edit, there will be time for that later and it’s easy to make corrections when there is a finished product. I edited almost every sentence and word as I wrote it. Then reread it and rewrote again. I made it to twenty percent of the way through. That was forty thousand words and thats where it rest.

With this re-engaging of the material, as well as other projects that I have taken on myself, I hope this to be a point in my life. Now I may have a lot of stuff that I try to work on and think about, but I don’t try to force it, or allow myself to stress over it. So as of today, we’re going to consider ourselves at twenty percent through on the first draft, with a quick read through, not for editing, but for refreshing and consistency sake. Further updates shall be given on this story, and any other short stories, which I’m hoping to do those as well.  As I have tried to streamline the ideas and finally scrap idea I could not make work, so too came the change in series title.  You may remember Seeds of Aether, but the idea of the seeds I could not make work so its gone and with it the trace of it in the story.

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