Character – Vidicous Korinon

Vidicous Korinon is the protagonist of fantasy-fiction work in progress Echo of Aether.  The character has grown and morphed as details of t

I do not own the rights to this image

he world have progressed, but this appearance has been one that has stayed pretty solid.

I have also spent a lot of time really trying to pin point his current occupation and lifestyle.  By his very nature he is a protector.  A guardian.

He knows very little about where he is from or who his real parents are, only that he is adopted.

Raised on the outskirts of the Moraten countryside, he grew up with the expansion of the city of Lyonz, a port city on the River Caern.

Growing up in one of the foremost inns in the city, he found himself quite sociable at a young age, being exposed to all walks of people.  As he became old enough for responsibilities, the innkeeper, Dar put him in the stables to learn from Pado, the man who had tended horses there since Dar’s grandfather.

When he reached the legal age he joined the Lyonz Civil Guard, locally sanctioned law enforcement.   Tensions and bad blood between the Captain and Vidi’s friend, Devon Talroon caused him to be put out to patrols outside the city and after a particular questionable incident, expelled and Devon to become a cleric trainee for the church of the holy light.

Currently he serves as a ranger, patrolling outlying forest and mountainsides for services not provided through taxation and bounty hunting for criminals that hide in or outside of the city.  patrolmen Jeb.

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