Chloe: Lucifer Morningstar. Is that a stage name?
Lucifer: God-given, I’m afraid.

Tom Ellis stars as the Titular character, Lucifer, the Lord of Hell, who after millennium ruling over hell, moves to Los Angeles on a vacation and opens a night club called Lux, with his demon compatriot Mazikeen.  The show follows him after an acquaintance of his is murdered and he injects himself into the investigation, which inevitably leads to him being a consultant for the LAPD and civilian partner of Detective Chloe Decker, which at the time, as an unexplained twist, she is immune to his powers of persuasion , which is explained and elaborated on through out the two seasons.  While the show was met with criticism and even protest and a petition from the religious about the supposed glorification of Satan, I find it an interesting take on the myth and legend mixed with some clever wit that seems to flow through Tom Ellis accent.

It has managed to leave an impact for it’s slowly unfolding story between Lucifer and his never seen father.  God tries to convince him to return to hell through Lucifer’s brother, Amenadiel, played by D.B. Woodside who while trying to convince his brother, does a phenomenal job must deal with his own struggles for what he believes is his failure to succeed in doing his father’s bidding.  The transition from the staunch soldier of God, through his own struggles, is managed with a deftness I don’t know many actors could easily do, but D.B. Woodside beckons our compassion we to try to understand the punishment for somebody who was loyal to their father.

Like anything I often find entertaining, while it must have the foundation of a solid writing team, the dynamic characters and the perfect choices to play them comes together successfully.   Lesley-Ann Brandt, who portrays Mazikeen or “Maze” as Lucifer calls her, manages to exemplify an ally who is willing to go against Lucifer for his benefit whom she shows she cares for after years of serving as one of his torturers, yes ready to torture anybody who crosses her or Lucifer without hesitation.   His steadfast defender, their relationship plays well with a certain amount of wit, respect and understanding.

Lucifer teams up with reluctant partner at the LAPD, Chloe Decker.  His interest in her starts with her seeming immunity to his powers which unfolds to more over time.  At first she finds him annoying but he slowly grows on her as she sees that not only is he a good partner, that she is better with him.  With her own back story, of having been in a movie nude, her father killed in a robbery when she was a kid, a fellow detective known lovingly by followers of the show as Detective “Douche” is here ex husband and father of her child, she works trying to overcome an incident in her past that resulted in the death of another detective.

Aside from the glaring contradictions to established lore of Lucifer and the show portraying him as the victim on the eternal stage, the show finds itself well received by many for its story, and most importantly the stunning portrayals of the main characters.  Who at some point all find themselves in the coach of psychoanalyst, Dr. Linda Martin, portrayed by Rachel Harris who must deal with stories from the supernatural beings who talk casually about the son of God and the fallen angel Lucifer, and try and listen as a doctor to stories that most would consider absurd, and does her best to lead them to the right decisions when each on of them seem to come to the complete opposite.

Season 2 becomes more interesting when the show introduces actress Tricia Helfer as Lucifer’s mother, escaped from hell.  This introduces a new set of trust issues to our star who already shows to be from a non functional supernatural family unit.  While there was a concern that Fox may cancel Lucifer, like Fox has done to many shows, it has been reportedly picked up for a full 22 season 3.  We anxiously look to the future, as we can see more of the story unfold.

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