My Contrary Opinion.

I accept the fact that my opinions on the Warcraft movie are based on over a decade of playing. In that time, one tends to gather a lot about a world, including the history and the characters. While there are three specific points about the movie that bother me, I do consider that it is not near as horrible as the mainstream may have made it. However, those complaints may fall on the production staff and final cut. Stay with me though, we’ll get there.

There were great measures taken to implement the look and feel of the world of Azeroth. From the Dwarf in Ironforge at the beginning, the meeting with the High Elves—to the Lion’s Pride Inn in Goldshire (which thankfully excluded many of the antics that actually happen on the servers). The pristine detail was a testament to the passion the cast and crew had in the overall creation.

The actors and their portrayal of characters were nothing short of impressive. When I consider the performance of Travis Fimmel or Toby Kebbell in what are basically two of the leading roles, I don’t think anybody could have embodied them better.

Looking at the negative reviews, though, it’s easy to find the short falls and they generally fall along with mine.

Story Detail

I was able to follow the story unfolding due to my experience with the franchise. This has come from a decade of reading the novels, playing the games, and even reading into the Wikis. The rich history developed over time is what has kept my interest for this long.

However, viewers without that exposure would have trouble following the movie, the characters, or their motives. This leaves a disconnect causing a lack of interest. Characters drive the story. It’s our connection to them that really makes us feel. It’s hard to refute that, although I’m sure many will try.

Without the time to identify with either Lothar or Durotan, you may end up failing to care for them or whether they succeed. There are a lot of things that can be done to help connect with Lothar and the races of Azeroth, such as his relation ship with his son. Durotan and the Orcs could have easily been explained in a 5- to 10-minute segment covering their history and why they are building the portal. This spills over into my second issue.

Khadgar and Medivh

In the lore, Medivh is the Guardian and I felt that the movie didn’t explain what that was to any extent. Khadgar was originally to be sent by the Council of Dalaran to spy on Medivh while learning as his student.

He wasn’t a rogue sorcerer as the movie portrayed. Another five minutes that would have stuck to the original story, could have substantially explained both Khadgar, his issues with his mission, what the guardian was, etc.

The story of Medivh is as important to the overall lore as Khadgar is in the current release of the game. This includes their relationship to each other that is developed during this time period as teacher and student.

Thrall’s Green Skin

The skin itself not being the issue. Nor is it the spell cast on him by Gul’dan. I felt the travel through the dark portal inducing the labor seemed to be a little out of place.

With so low of ratings due to what I believe could have been helped with 20 minutes additional footage, could have changed audience perspectives. This would have indeed lead way to Warcraft II and beyond, which would have brought a bigger war, Dwarves and High Elves, and the Red Dragon Flight.

For somebody who was familiar with the lore, I can say that this lack of information to the casual viewer was a large part of the poor performance. Fans may have been more concerned with the liberties with some of the characters and how it could affect future possibilities.

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