Archmage Ahliarin Nepharin

You don’t want to know who I am. You do not want to know the things I’ve done. The road I was on was filled with death and pain. Until I was freed, by Kilazar and his Serpents of Dawn. I’m sure I am still marked by the Burning Legion but for now I do what I can to rectify the things I’ve done.

I am now the leader of the Serpents, probably at this point until I’m killed off saving the lands of my birth. The Serpents are the only family I know. Through our commission with the Argent Dawn we fought the scourge and the Burning Legion at all costs. With the fall of the Argent Dawn, we have returned for only specific matters. Now, I have taken up the mantle of Serpent Lord at the request of King Anduin Wrynn.

We have traveled all of Azeroth and to the broken Lands beyond the dark portal. I have fought to prove I deserve clemency to the people of Azeroth against the might of the Burning Legion in all forms. The Serpents of Dawn are my key to that. We owe allegiance to no banner but our own.

* * * * *

However if you truly want to know let’s start at the beginning. Ahliarin was born with an arcane gift. A gift that many said would be worthy of the Kirin Tor. This was not to be her destiny however.

A mind controlled servant of a necromancer that came to power under the Lich King and servant of Kel’thuzad. As the scourge swept across the north lands she used her magics to bring fear to survivors and punishment to the dissenters.

During a mission of a mercenary wing of the Argent Dawn, they shattered the orb that was used to control her. With her freedom established she turned on the necromancer and assisted the Serpents of Dawn in his demise. Although the Serpents lost one of their own, that was risen to fight against them during the fight who escaped in the altercation. Messaner, now an undead warlock would become their nemesis.

Understanding her situation and that after she regained her free will she helped them in their mission, the serpents allowed her to travel with them back to Light’s Hope Chapel to meet with the Argent Dawn and they would decide her fate. It was during this time she learned the idealism and foundation of the Serpents of Dawn.

Leading members of the Argent Dawn spared her from the noose. She was young and impulsive, but through the influence of the Argent Dawn, the leniency of an Archmage of Dalaran, she would undergo studies until it was established that she was not a threat to the alliance or a continued tool of the scourge or even the masters of the burning legion. She was watched in Northshire Abbey, under the tutelage and supervision of Noriella Lightgiver who kept her busy in her own arcane arts and in fighting her own demons along with more menial duties like gardening and sewing. When Ahliarin expressed her desire to leave the Abbey and join the Serpents of Dawn in their fight against the Burning Legion, Noriella insisted that was not the path for her. In truth Noriella believed otherwise but she wanted to know that Ahliarin believed that to be her destiny. At a meeting with the Argent Dawn and the head of the Abbey, Kilazar accepted her request and she joined in their cause.

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