Shadowblade Logaisl Silverbreeze

During the war in Kalimdor, Logaisl Silverbreeze, priest of Elune was lost. Having fallen from the cliffs. The elf that awoke however washed up on shore with no memory of his former life. Calling himself Arel, he searched for information on who he was or some way to help himself remember.

He found himself in Gadgetzan after traveling with a group that instructed him on various roguish skills. It was here he learned about devices of ancient making were being unburied in the Eastern Kingdoms.

A gnome engineer offered him the information about location in exchange that he use his skills to retrieve some blueprints from Gnomeregan. Even though they met based on this business deal, they did manage to become good friends as they traveled up to Ratchet and across the sea to Booty Bay.

While his gnome friend went on to Ironforge to collect some personal items, he headed on to the badlands. This is where he first met Ahliarin Nepharin, whom together, who in turn introduced him to the Serpents of Dawn she traveled with. They had saved each others lives.

Later he came to Stormwind, to find the offices of the Argent Dawn where he had heard the Serpents had operated out of from time to time. It was here that he ran into a night elf hunter, named Galadriena Silverbreeze which claimed to be his sister and was here to take him home to the temple of Elune in Darnassus. This is where he learned of his past, even when he didn’t remember it himself.

He chose not to go with her, telling her that whoever he was was gone now and he had a new life. She would not relent so easy though. He would prove that what he learned as a rogue, he was adept at it, not only losing his sister numerous times, but also accomplishing several solo recon missions for the Serpents of Dawn, until they made him a member.

However before that he was a priest in the war of the ancients. He was there when the first legion invasion resulted in the Maelstrom. He was there for the imprisonment of Illidan and all the 10,000 years after. Until the Burning Legion Returned. Until he felt into the sea.

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