Deathlord Vidicous Korin

Born to a farmer in eastern Lordaeron, he took over his family farm after the second war.  His father was lost to the horde and at the young age of 13 he began to run the farm.  He was well liked in the region having grown up quick.  His mother was never the same after the death of his father.

When his younger brother was old enough Vidicous joined the ranks of the knights of the silver hand.  A friend of his father, Grenlan Forgehammer had already been training him in arms since before the second war.  He married Mehranda, daughter of a neighboring farm.

After the plague came to Lordaeron, his brothers farm was wiped out, his brother and their family victims of the Scourge.  His fought under his prince, until the culling.  He knew Mehranda would be there that day and he protested the act.  46165364-main

After a severe argument with Uther and Grenlan, Vidicous tossed aside the silver hand and went into the burning Stratholme to look for his wife, who he never found and barely escaped with his own life.  He awoke a day later on a rocky cliffside still able to see the flames burning in the city.

The scourge had taken his wife, his family and after Arthas returned, his King.  He swore to take revenge on the scourge and followed other members of the Order to the Scarlet Monastery.  During his service he retrieved a servant of a necromancer to return to the monastery for punishment, Sealing her in arcane inhibitors to keep himself from suffering from her sorcery.

Unfortunately, she Ahliarin escaped although to this day he is not sure how.  She only tells people she caught him with his pants down, which was only part true.  However, she would answer why she left him alive.  She wasn’t ordered to kill him and even with the compulsion she had some sway over her actions when not directly forced.

The leadership of the scarlet crusade started to become fanatical, willing to kill those who didn’t follow their limited and strict ideology.  He wanted to fight the scourge, not the world.  However he had found that as he had once turned his back on the light, the light turned it’s back on him, so it was him and his swords finding their way.

Investigating a lead that he hoped would allow him to capture Ahliarin again, he went to westfall and met with Stoutmantle at Sentinel Hill.  After learning of the woman he was looking for he investigated the tower in the mountains where he was unfortunately captured.  However the woman he found was not the one he was looking for.  That woman came a few days later.  And saved him and let loose a blast wave that annihilated the tower.

Her reformation and compulsion were explained.  In thanks for the rescue, he agreed to help rescue some daughter of a stormwind citizen.  Following the Serpents of Dawn to the monastery where they learned that it had been infiltrated and that the daughter had been taken under false pretenses to the eastern plaguelands.

After helping vanquish a nathrazim, and saving the priest they headed to Lights hope chapel.  Where members of the argent dawn welcomed them.  From that moment, both he and the daughter, who was devoted to the light, joined the serpents of dawn.

Today, after the death of a friend, a bad decision took him to lordaeron where personal feelings brought him “face to face” with Arthas.  To learn that the image of Arthas only, told his minions to bring him down.  The last thing he heard was to Bring him to the Ebon hold, where they rose him.  His anger and rage with him.  When Tirion Fordring freed the death knights from Arthas control, he helped take over the Ebon hold harnessing his fury into killing machine.  After a long and arduous rode, now he stands again alongside the serpents against the legion.

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