Slayer Ilyaenna Stormshadow

During the war of the ancients she fell under the ranks of Jarod Shadowsong and before that Ravencrest.  While she never agreed with imprisonment of Illidan after the war, she was not but a mere soldier and after the sundering took up post in the forest of Ashenvale.  There she worked alongside a priest of elune and and his sister, a sentinel then.

After the destruction of Archimonde and the world tree, the sacrifice of their very immortality, she decided she was done with the life of the night elves.  Plus the priest her heart belonged to was lost along the way and his sister, hearing of his survival left her post to find him.  Finding herself alone and on a side that was unwilling to do what was necessary allowing the legion to once again change their way of life she followed Illidan Stormrage to the black temple.

The path of the illidari was not an easy one and involved the sacrifice of everything to the cause.  The need to do what needed to be done.  After the raid on the temple, when the team had returned with the sargerite keystone at the very moment of defeat becoming prisoners of Maiev and the warders.

After returning was assigned to help track down a demon of particular survivability, having been around for at least since the dark portal was reopened and supposed echoes of him from before.  She was assigned to a mutual acquaintance who set up the meeting explaing the mission and assigning her to the command of the serpents of dawn.  She was not necessarily happy with the assignment at first but soon found that the Serpents sacrificed everything against the burning Legion, just as she had, yet in a different way.  And Ahliarin’s second in command, her trusted companion was a night elf rogue, she remembered as a priest.

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