Highlord Grenlan Forgehammer

During the second war, he was ground forces.  Being from Khaz Modan as opposed to the highlands Grenlan was not a fan of being in the air so he avoided the Squadrons of Gryphon riders.   As the war progressed he learned more of the Knights of the Silver Hands.  These Paladins.

Having joined in with the knights of the silver hand after the second war, Grenlan Forgehammer was one of honor and the light.  He believed soundly in the edicts of his predecessor and he found warmth in the light.  One of the first young warriors he took unders his week was Vidicous Korin.  He took quickly to the light and was a good student.  Until the scourge came and the culling of Stratholme where he believed his wife to be.

Grenlan didn’t agree with it either but after a confrontation between Vidicous and Uther the Lightbringer, his student turned from the light.  After the Knights of the silver hand reformed into the Argent Dawn, he stayed on temporarily to help get things started and organized before finally retiring to his home in Ironforge.  It was there he stayed, taking up a hobby of using herbs for magical properties.  Until the Lich King came.  Until the Lich King tried to take Lights Hope Chapel.  Until he had learned his former student was a Death Knight in the Ebon Hold.

While Vidicous had been freed of the Lich Kings control, sadly only after the devastation of Tyr’s Hand and the misguided Scarlett Crusaders.  Something he knew would weigh on his friends conscious.  He personally approached Ahliarin Nepharin about assisting on this mission.  Which she had already enlisted her “redeemer” Noriella Lightgiver but she welcomed his association and familiarity with Vidicous.   He found that her leadership had been honed real well, he vaguely remembered this Kilazar, but he had done well.  He was amazed that she not only willing accepted advice from all of her team, she often sought it out.  One of the things that made a good leader was knowledge of their own strengths and weaknesses, and that was something she embraced.

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