Farseer Tyredan

Born on Draenor he fought against the orcs until the Draenei escaped to Azeroth.  After the crash of the Exodar he began to feel a connection to the spirits and elements.  He began to learn from Farseer Nobundu and his pupils.  He learned quickly.

On one journey into the Azuremyst Isles, he fell into a dreamstate, a vision of the future in which a dark seed had burst through a prison for it and dug itself into the ground and darkness grew from it.  The light seemed to retreat at its presence.  But occasionally snakes would jump out of the grass, removing limbs and sometimes entire branches.  The dak tree reeled in agony and turned to seek out the snakes.  One of the branches shaped, similar to the same snakes it was attacking. He set out for stormwind at the allowance of the council and the prophet and with the assistance of longtime friend Esmivera.

Upon getting to stormwind they met with the Exodar Emissary and Bolvar Fordragon and were told to expect a summons after sunrise as soon as contact was made with the Argent Dawn and the serpents.  They found the offices of the argent dawn which were apparently vacant.  With that they left but soon realized they were being followed but always out of the corner of their eye.

Their mission would take them to Outland, his home from only a few months ago.  So if anything they made somewhat decent guides although the world was crumbling more and more. They were hunting down the trail of an old nemesis that had escaped from the stockades only days before and had been seen entering the Dark Portal indicating he was the seed from the vision.

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