Huntmaster Galadriena Silverbreeze

While able to say their lineage was of a highborne nature, during the war of the ancients the line of Silverbreeze joined the resistance against the Burning Legion. She served under Jarod Shadowsong, as the war raged on. In the end she joined the remaining night elves in Darnassus where she joined the Sentinels of Ashenvale. After the third war, her brother was lost with no trace.

After being granted time to seek him out she returned to her post with nothing, agreeing to put it to bed. With the Horde settling in Durotar, the name they gave to the lands Southeast of Ashenvale, their expansion meant more incursions into the forest. Her trusty sidekick pip killed in a horde attack, stabbed by a Troll Rogue. With the devastation of that loss, she had received word from Tyrande Whisperwind that her brother had been located by a mercenary wing of the argent dawn in the Badlands of the Eastern Kingdoms. Although she was prohibited from going to him, she did anyway and upon her return was demoted to Darnassus patrol.

There was a day, that Logaisl came to Darnassus. After talking to Tyrande and the leader of the Sentinels he offered her a commission with a mission he need to complete. There was a chance that his friend was stuck in the void between worlds but it wouldn’t be easy, they needed to invade Shadowmoon valley, while he was having another team head into the hinterlands to acquire an item from a troll witch. At this point she was happy to have her brother back, even if he didn’t recognize her, and brought her in because he felt somewhat responsible for her situation.

After her successful mission she agreed to be there if they ever needed help again and after seeing him in his new role, she accepted his path in life and returned home to return to the Sentinels. She remained there until she was set to travel with Vorshen Blackwind, a Gilnean who had come to Darnassus as refugees and sought help with their curse, which had once occurred in night elf history as well as he had adopted the druidic practices of her kind, hoping to find a cure. After the cataclysm, she was called in to fight for the serpents, Vorshen hoping to join after her explanation and he was always willing to help her.


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