Chapter 16 – Data Center Migration

Moving back to Utah was relatively easy. Our stuff fit in my car and she sat in back with the car seat and our 2 month old. Although it was because room, I still get to hear the occasional joke about how she had to sit in back while the computer was strapped into the passenger seat. This was going to be good for us. This was going to get us right.

We were going to be moving in with her brother in law who basically lived alone in a mother in law basement and we would be renting out a room for cheap. He actually moved out soon and we rented out the basement to what I would at this point call a self-entitled asshole who felt burdened having to pay $350 a month for rent which included all utilities, but that’s unimportant to this part of the story.

At first I knew I had to find a job and there were a lot of places that had help wanted, But the computer industry was not something I was just going to let go again very easily. I had started training to support desktop and laptop consumer systems for a manufacturer but at the time, there was a conflicting schedule if I remember correctly. I just know that it didn’t last long.

While I regret it now, not for any patriarchal notions of society, I stayed home and she worked. This may have created the bond that me and my oldest have now, that she does not seem to get to enjoy. She missed a lot of first with him. So by early the next year we had an agreement. With tax returns we went to my “home” and at the tender age of just starting to crawl, we flew out to Missouri and spent a week visiting and letting them meet our child. When we got back, I went back to the job I had left and she got to stay home, up until she got a graveyard shift at a local treatment center.

Over the next few months, my friend from California, whom had offered his home to me, would come live with us to get his feet planted firmly. I would continue to learn and improve knowledge on the job front, rising in position until that job ended due to outsourcing. I didn’t care for the call center company, but the people I had worked with there was part of the reason I stayed. I worked there through a move to the next place, to the house and back to the middle of town. I worked there through relationship issues, a brief jaunt into alcoholism and child number two. But most importantly I was able to use that time and experience to stay in the computer field, but go up.

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