Grandmaster Feywon Clouddancer

From a young age, Feywon trained as a monk, eventually joining the ranks of the Shado-pan.  After the mist cleared the Horde and the Alliance came to Pandaria bringing their decades old war and causing an increase in the sha energies it was their job to defend against but this amount of war and violence, they found themselves being spread too thin, even finding it almost get the better of them and one of their own monasteries.

They would need help, when a powerful lesser sha was unleashed and at the request of their king he requested the help of the Serpents of Dawn.


On a mission directly from their King, the serpents of dawn were sent to seek out any information this world may have on the titans and their place here.

He agreed to assist them in their presence here as word traveled of their respect for the culture as well as their desire to understand the Sha and help against the nature of it.  While the rest of their kind fought, they sought to understand and assist.  He lead them deep into the structures of the Mogu, finding not only information about the mogu and their history, but also more about the trolls, but also challenge from the horde about their findings.  By an unlikely source.  For years he learned some of these creatures stood apart of the horde alliance struggle, finding common ground in a cause to fight the scourge and the burning legion.  They now came face to face with those they had fight alongside, both sides trying to find a diplomatic solution to complete their missions and return what they had gathered from the other to avoid conflict.

When Ahliarin pulled out her own bargaining chip, telling the undead mage the child he thought had died in Southshore, she had saved and he lived.  As most of his team was to support him, until the Kork’ron battle lord pushed allowing the arising of the sha which merged with him giving him power he had not expected and both sides sought to resolve this menace.

After he was sent to accompany them in Draenor and fights against the newly arrived legion this day.


When it came to needing assistance, in defeating a lesser sha, it was recommended to use the Serpents of Dawn.  He was disappointed at first when he learned that he would not be traveling with their leader, but she had other things before she could be in the field.  

He found some of their customs weird but found a level of familiarity with the way the Serpents of Dawn not only banded together, watched each other’s backs, how they would not kill unless necessary unless it was a demon or scourge and in this case sha and when they did they did it with efficiently with a cunning ferocity and pitiless abandon.  


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