Netherlord Simmee Cogglesprocket

A resident of Gnomeregan until they were pushed out, he spent a brief time in Ironforge trying to get assistance in retrieving not only ore but someone to help him retrieve plans that had been left..  After never finding success with the retrieval and feeling like he knew all he could learn from his kind, he sought influence for his engineering from the Goblins of Tanaris.  Always interested in understanding how things work.  While living there he had somehow gained a stray cat.  While to many appearances he hated the cat, he actually grew quite fond of its company.  In the earlier part of the acquaintance he was working on a device he called the flux incapacitator whe the cat entered the beam in which he heard a sizzling sound and a pop to find out that the beam had exploded its eyeball.  After this he named the cat sizzlepop.

He also became close friends with a night elf rogue, who was looking for a way to remember who he was.  Simmee had divulged that ancient artifacts had been found in the eastern kingdoms and he would be willing to make a deal if Logaisl would be willing to retrieve the plans he had given up on.  They made a deal.  While Logaisl headed to the badlands he returned to Ironforge, finding layouts maps of his home.

When Logaisl finally met up with him, he had learned that he had ran into trouble and the serpents of dawn had rescued him.  They worked out a deal to supply him with materials and they would go with Logaisl and get his plans and he would be called on as necessary.  Ahliarin personally made sure that all his things were delivered and that he always had more than enough materials she also was willing to help in other ways not to necessarily keep him on retainer, but she genuinely seemed to care about his team and believe in his potential.  Although it was logaisl who first called her into service, to save her from a rift and later upon the return of Legion to the Broken Shore. His value did not only come from his engineering mind, but also that he put his ability to understand machinations in to truly understand the power of fel magic and his expertise was less often called on to create, but to understand.  Ahliarin never sought to abuse his abilities or his knowledge.  Sought understand his explanations and never seemed to ask for more than she gave so he never turned on this working relationship.


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