Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Venturing from the full 3d roaming of Arkham Asylum, Blackgate offers a slightly different 2.5 dimensional gameplay. Blackgate takes place before Arkham Asylum in the overall timeline of the games but after Arkham Origins. While we haven’t played Origins itself, Blackgate is built sufficiently enough to stand on it’s own.

While the games resembles a side scroller it does have 3 dimensional elements. The combat is basically the same. A button to stun, a button to counter, a button to attack and a button to jump over enemies. The combat is actually pretty consistent throughout the series from what I’ve seen.

Blackgate takes place a few months after Origins. The introduction scenario is Batman chasing a new thief through the night in Catwoman. It also starts to build more of a relationship with Gordon, who is not yet commissioner.

An explosion at BlackGate prison has allowed for villains like Penguin, Joker and Blackmask to gain control of the various sections of the compound. The prison has a lot of combat and puzzles to needed to progress through the game, which includes unlocking several of Batman’s gadgets.

As you progress through the prison, you will occasionally communicate with Catwoman who appears to be helping you and interesting challenges in fighting the the different villains.

There is a lot of backtracking throughout the prison though which may become exhausting as you find yourself repetitively moving from wing to wing. In the overall timeline of things, it gives glimpse of a younger Bruce Wayne than the one that was in Arkham Asylum and still offers an enjoyable experience.

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