Batman: Arkham City

Taking place one year after the events of Arkham Asylum, the slums of Gotham have been converted to a prison run by warden Hugo Strange. At the beginning of the story, Bruce Wayne, not Batman is arrested by TYGER mercenaries and imprisoned. Finding a chance to escape from his bonds he is able to get to a high spot to communicate with Alfred who sends in a Batsuit.

For those who have played Arkham Asylum, one of the first things noticed is the scope of Arkham City. Taking up quite a few .172 km^2 it’s easy to overlook much of the city. Mostly because the quickest way to get around is to use the grapple and use the feature to launch you higher into the air allowing you to glide over the buildings. Grapple, glide, grapple, glide, rinse repeat.

The cast is much larger though as after interacting with Hugo Strange, there is Two-Face, Penguin, Joker, Riddler, Catwoman (whom you get to control in various scenarios in the game), Poison Ivy, Freeze along with DLC in which you can play as Robyn.

Having the open world environment does provide a much more expansive feel, as it should, but with it comes the added side missions, more riddler challenges, and much much more to explore.

Some of the new weapons include Freeze grenades, which are multi-purpose, and electric gun for stunning and motors that can be powered through out the city and smoke pellets to help in tricky situations where you may need to escape problematic encounters.

As the story unfolds need to uncover what Protocol 10 is and stop it, with the help of Alfred and Oracle. Again the gameplay is much the same as the previous installments: combat, puzzles, more complicated riddler trophies and situations where stealth cam be the difference between life and death.

If you have played Arkham Asylum, it would not be amiss to give City a go. Aside from continuing on various plots, it also develops it’s own storylines to engage in a lot more the Gotham characters.

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