Chapter 18 – Incompatible Software

If you have read any of this, you should know by now that I consider it a different place.  I’m different person.  Our trip out there after Brandon was born helped influence my opinion on that.  It was a memory, and I was ok with leaving that life in that past.  It didn’t mean that I wouldn’t be cordial while there, letting the family meet my first born.  After a year and a half of being gone there were a few friends I had missed hanging out with as well.  At the time I didn’t really see things the way I do now, there was was still that part of me that held on.

This place, while becoming outdated when I left, was no longer compatible with the person I was.  However the new home would require work.  There was a lot of stress, amongst other things that required sacrifices that for to young people wasn’t always easy.  Life was changing.  Change was hard.  Still in the process of letting go of who we are so we could become who we needed to be.  The years were filled with ups and downs.  Debugging.  Finding an issue fixing it, and then finding other issues that the fix caused. 

One of the many reasons I appreciate my wife is through it all we are here still.  Through it all we have grown together.  Through it all, we have managed to grow closer than ever.  Do we still have differences.  Yes.  Do we still have disagreements.  Absolutely.  You know what we don’t have that much anymore.  Fights.  Time and experience.  Trust and Honesty.  Communication.  We set ourselves on manual updates, so we could fix things in a way that worked for us.  Slowly, but surely the debugging lead to compatible software. 

The years in between were rough.  They were a trial in which the relationship was on the brink of exploding.  Where outside forces constantly tried to put their opinions in without information.  That seems to be something that never really changes I guess.   We sometimes talk about how we may have a co-dependency.  I’m not sure if thats the actual case as That may have come from being there for each other through thick and thin.  The information I’ve looked at doesn’t really reflect in our actions.  Maybe time may tell us different, but for now, I think we work because we learned to communicate, and that was the biggest compatibility hurdle.  

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