What is Edge of Space?

It is said that the universe was created during the big bang.  That it is ever expanding albeit slowly over the trillions of years of existence.
During this, life grew on scattered worlds, evolving themselves into countless species.  Humans grew to be the dominant race in the milky way galaxy on the third planet from its sun.  Growing into many different ethnicity and a vast array of cultures.

Humans are well documented in the Library of the Inter-Galactic Alliance of Evolved Species as living between 50 – 110 years at one point.  They are considered rash, greedy, impulsive, but also ambitious, compassionate and possessing a certain level of ingenuity.

It was the prior of these aspects that caused them to flee their own planet as religion, war, over use of natural resources and ignoring the repercussions of industrial manufacturing changing their own climate and polluting the atmosphere.  Not much has changed: except that their own planet has started to heal itself and there is a more symbiotic relationship with it.
Today however, with the advancement of their own technology in line with merging it the other races of the universe that ambition and ingenuity came again.  Disease became a memory and the average lifespan grew to 200 years.

Late in the 23rd century a federation research station was commandeered by a rogue group of military special forces.  The ship was the latest in federation technology. Using this ship they attacked several federal space stations.  They left the crew of the space station alive and all they took were files that had been mapped out of unknown space regions.  A top secret project referred to as Heaven Sent.

The federation didn’t decommission the project due maliciousness, but due to inconclusive data.  The rogue group, it is believed have been paid to retrieve the data but for whom it is unclear. (A few members of the senate seeking to overthrow the president.)

The federation ruling class called on Captain Smith.  Due to the level of Smiths operation his real life had been erased along with his crew.  An special forces himself who had served under the rogue captain. He was given a new ship.  A prototype, with warp drive, wormhole stabilization, neural interfaces, nanotechnology uniforms, state of the art sick bay, a holographic computer and a new laser banks called USF Phoenix, GFP model 307.214

They were sent to outpost 5, a space station that had not been hit to stop any further attacks and retrieve the stolen data and return it to federation command.

Pastor of the light, Doctor Edwin Galliard opposed the entire project.  However it was his idea to bring Smiths team in. He didn’t believe in the weapon and his expectation was to use those who could end the nonsense quickly.  Also, the head of the research station was not only the wife of Smith, but also Edwin’s daughter. However there are those that were in power that disagreed with the end goal and set out to not only hinder Smiths team, but help along his progress.

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