Chapter 19 – Networking

I liked California. It was ungodly expensive and I wasn’t able to afford living there with the car payment and a newborn. I liked working for a small town tech company that had rich community ties and dealing with customers face to face, day to day. It’s a better environment when there is familiarity and trust.

But we couldn’t stay there. When we moved I had to get a new job. Enter TP. TP is one of the largest in customer service management companies handling relations for companies who outsource their support. I got on to a good project I think. TP spent a lot of time and likely a lot of money training their new agents to support the popular lines of a popular computer company desktop and laptop models. This included taking people who may have had not experience or training in the computer field, and training them for the A+ Certification exam. This had it’s pros and cons.

I already had mine, so I came into the training after they finished and than we started learning to do this duties of the job, technical support for OEM computers. While not a point of bragging, I excelled at this job. By the time I left this job I served a supportive role to the acting ACCM and the lead resolution specialist. Starting as a support rep, I was good at fixing issues that were most often user error, but in some cases could be tracked to hardware.

When the position opened I moved to their L2, which was a resolution specialist and served a specific team in helping them get to those solutions, understand the solutions and in the end, help them improve as representatives overall. Strangely enough, I’ve always liked helping people better themselves, as much as I may have claimed I hate them. Even today, I’m happy to help people find resources to help them reach their goals.

As mentioned, this position grew to be the Lead RS, in which I sat with individual team RS’s to help them better assist their agents. Overall team numbers often came up as we streamlined finding and squashing weaknesses. Aside from a jackass almost getting me fired for changing a report before it was presented on a day I couldn’t be there, I believe I was appreciated by the team.

When the client pulled the contract, the project was shut down and for a brief period of time I did sales for a prominent software company until I could return to support in a field that had less restrictions than OEM support.

Aside from a lot of experience, what I took from that job was people. People I still can say I talk to from time to time because we shared that experience. I know it was a lot of fluff to get here, but I also wanted to really cover the experience and how it came about. This was really also at the start of the Facebook explosion so keeping in touch has been made a lot easier at this time. Professional memories, and a network of people that could not only offer endorsement, but shared experiences that are long lasting, even if we see each other once a decade except on social media.

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