Reflections in Time

“And now I see clearly. All these times, I simply stepped aside. I watched but never really listened, as the whole world passed me by.”

Five Finger Death Punch – I Apologize

The initial idea behind Digital DNA was to give meaning to the outlet I was using while recording on my phone. Using the trips home from work to vent talk out personal feelings. Shortly thereafter I decided to take those videos and upload them. Maybe they could help somebody else. I doubted it, but there was nothing wrong with the idea.

While my priorities changed and focus has shifted away from that, I still tried to reflect on some things. I reached a point where it occurred to me how little I actually recognized myself. In light of this understanding I had the goal to walk through life chapter by chapter to the best of my memory. The end result was many post that were basically summaries of what I wanted to have more detail in. The idea of those pieces were not only to reflect on where I’ve been, but to understand how I was affected in subsequent decisions I had made throughout my life.

For the longest time and even more so recently, I believe I have always been with a certain social awkwardness, to one degree or another feeling contrary to the seeming normality of those around me. I suspect those that know me or those that have spent any decent amount of time with me over the years may likely be able to subscribe to this idea. I never really cared to think about the reasons.

Today I have been trying to see the puzzle. The seemingly endless pieces of a million shapes and sizes that make form the picture that is me. What I was missing was the understanding that there may have been more laying under the surface. This new piece has given me a new perspective on putting the puzzle together. So I will be hitting the reset button. Re-writing and updating those posts to ask a fundamental question. This is my “stroll down memory lane” with the intent to see if I can find either what it was I’ve lost, or what I need to complete the puzzle. The answer to the question. Who am I? This is the beginning of my Digital DNA.

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