I’ve taken a step back to really get to what I want here. Some of it will come back but some of it will change. While I think a lot of that is coming along, it is still an effort along with other efforts. The idea was always to have a place as any other blog to be able to reflect and consider Life I’ve lived and the life I’m living.

Recently I had son that was diagnosed with Autism. Due to reflections of myself I saw in him I went ahead and got tested. Now here I am, a late diagnosed middle-aged male who has an answer. Now I’m really trying to understand a lot of things in a way I’ve never considered it before. Aside from that adapting, it initially comes with a lot of learning.

I’m working to use multiple resources to understand and community’s to engage in. As I learn I hope to share these introspections with those who are interested.

Thanks and Stay Tuned


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