Zemation. The word I now use to represent my Digital DNA. As the idea for Zemation grew in my mind it took on a mirror; Binary Me. It became a reflection of my thoughts, my my growth, things I was working on, writings that were completed and those still in the works. While not all of the pieces have fallen in to place yet, I should let this page just be a foundation for me a reflection of my thoughts, a list of my skills and more.  Digital Me.

The idea grew. Spawning from my self introduction into the Youtube environment, I found a desire to move into that medium. The original goal was have a podcast reviewing internet videos, news topics and reviews. The podcast isn’t forgotten but on hold and Digital DNA was born from personal videos recorded between work and home. From there I had the desire to share technical knowledge through videos centered around course information for industry certifications. This will also include resources of sites and books I have found useful as well as notes compiled over a life time of studying.

Away from the technical field however is a passion for storytelling. It started with the idea of a jrpg game from youth, but grew into a fantasy novel series, that has brief information here along with other stories or fan fic that has come from games and movies. This also led to projects that are intended for a different medium.

The Essays are based off our dual meaning, Beautiful US: US as in everybody and our human nature and the U.S.  The beautiful, while I hope to reflect something of sort, is there as a sarcasm on the fact that we will be likely focusing on the dirty, horrific, disgusting side of human nature and those who continue to kick people down to reach the top.  I find myself to be more of a pragmatist. Tired of watching Republicans give our country to corporations while rendering the rest of us into poverty or watching Democrats try to disassemble it with their inter-sectionality and self righteous altruism. My opinion editorial.

In line with the shows centered around gaming, I have written reviews of various medium titles including: books, games, movies, television. Finally, I offer my own words to show the respect for those that have influenced my life through their arts and most importantly, those that have helped shape me but have sadly moved on from this life.

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