Chapter 18 – Incompatible Software

If you have read any of this, you should know by now that I consider it a different place.  I'm different person.  Our trip out there after Brandon was born helped influence my opinion on that.  It was a memory, and I was ok with leaving that life in that past.  It didn't mean that... Continue Reading →

Chapter 17 – Debugging

We moved in September of 2006.  Three years later we were married.  The time in between was a trial of testing compatibility mode features and the necessity to work through the issues with the people we were to become the people we needed to be.  Fixing bugs, system crashes, conflicts, malware, spyware and so on.... Continue Reading →

Chapter 15 – Service Pack One

Hold up. Rewind. I know. Where did the kid come from? Shortly after we went out to visit them, she and her friend came to live with us. A "roommate" at the time, that lived in the room in the garage, recently went to jail, because some people can't seem to drive without a bottle... Continue Reading →

Chapter 14 – POST

For those not familiar with the computer industry nomenclature, this is the Power On Self Test. It is the process that happens immediately after a system is turned on. To an extent, uprooting my life, moving to california and getting a new start in my chosen field at the time, "I rebooted my life, due... Continue Reading →

Chapter 13 – System Reboot

When things actually fall into place, in unlikely situations you often take that time to sigh a breath of relief. In my case the move was to a slightly bigger location then where I lived and worked but still a small town. Aside from the hospital, the community square was the only other building with... Continue Reading →

Chapter 12 – It’s Californication

In the three years that I was "home", I worked two jobs that I didn't like. They weren't in my field. I could have tried to work for Gateway, but this was at a time that Gateway became a little overconfident in themselves. Soon after Opening Gateway Country stores, they not only started closing them,... Continue Reading →

Chapter 11 – Dorothy was Wrong

I left home. I found somewhere to belong and people I belonged with. The place I grew up, was no longer home. There were places that were better. There were places I'd rather be. Dorothy was wrong. There were places no only like home, but better. This is not to say anything bad about the... Continue Reading →

Tenth Chapter – End of an Era

It lasted 5 months.  Three for me to make the mistake.  After my time earning my education it was time to move on.  All of my friends had left but a few and one would be joining us not much longer after.  I moved in with a friend and his girlfriend.  By the time it... Continue Reading →

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