The Other Side

"I'm caught in a hurricane. I'm leaving here dead or alive. And I know that I'd be willing to feel the pain. If it got me to the other side."Hurricane - Theory of a Deadman There's little room for happiness, when you're stuck between the emotional numbness of medication and the burning hatred of your... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Memory

The last year has been relatively hard on the anxiety.  It started to occur to me that the anxiety started really appearing shortly after my last puff on a vape pen.  It wasn't long after that the company I worked for decided to relocate their support department to another city and I wasn't prepared or... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow’s Shadow

One thing I have no issue admitting to myself is the time and years I've pissed away.  I know I've mentioned it before, but this isn't necessarily what this is about.  After years of playing World of Warcraft.  DnD.  World of Darkness.  Laying in bed watching TV for far too many consecutive measurements of time. ... Continue Reading →

Shattered Reflections

"I know the pieces fit, cause I watched them fall away." ~ Tool – Schism I've tried to explain it before and I'm going to try and provide you with a more in depth analysis.  Even though since the channel and the transition to this take on this blog a lot has changed. First let... Continue Reading →

Reflections in Time

"And now I see clearly. All these times, I simply stepped aside. I watched but never really listened, as the whole world passed me by." Five Finger Death Punch: I apologize If you have suffered from any sort of abuse, it's possible that you've learned to push things down.  How to project a different image... Continue Reading →

My Quasi-Charmed Sort of Existence

Anybody that truly knows me, which seems to be a limited few any more, knows a person who rarely holds back their feelings and never holds back opinions in fear of criticism because "Fuck You, thats why." I always tried to take life lightly and for the most part I was happy with that person.... Continue Reading →

Crisis of Infinite Possibilities

Many people reach a point in their life where things just feel different.  Imagine the level of lost you might experience when everything you were passionate about no longer held any meaning.  Things you found interesting were boring.  Like everything you had accomplished in life, everything you had learned, everything you had built up, no... Continue Reading →

Crisis of Infinite Time

Aging has an impact on us all.  A study found shows that 1 in 4 people suffer from a crisis at mid life.  I'm evaluating mine.  When I consider many of the usual symptoms related to this phenomenon, it does not all directly relate to me or my situation but a lot of it does.... Continue Reading →

Appendix A – Identity

If you have read the about section of this website you know that the spirit of its content is constantly in flux.   That has been a disservice to myself and while I have backups of previous content to some degree, even today, I still don't really know about the future.  I'm happy with the reflection... Continue Reading →

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