Chloe: Lucifer Morningstar. Is that a stage name? Lucifer: God-given, I'm afraid. Tom Ellis stars as the Titular character, Lucifer, the Lord of Hell, who after millennium ruling over hell, moves to Los Angeles on a vacation and opens a night club called Lux, with his demon compatriot Mazikeen.  The show follows him after an... Continue Reading →

Final Fantasy and its Paradigm

Final Fantasy XIII at first glance, does not fail to impress.  Enter on a train, traveling at a high speed through a canyon.  The camera pans across several robed people and its made clear that something is about to happen.  A guard enters the room on an apparent patrol and the train goes through an... Continue Reading →


A love story.  A redemption movie. (Cause something had to be done to make up for the rendition in Origins:Wolverine.  And thanks to popular demand, a movie that proves sometimes, who should leave things to those who are truly passionate about the project at hand.  Ryan Reynolds made this is baby.  Encouraging the project for... Continue Reading →

Final Fantasy IV and my Beginnings

Back then however it was Final Fantasy II.  It was the first of the series I remember playing, even before I had played the original on the Super Nintendo predecessor.  This game escalated to the top of my favorites list.  The tale of the Dark Knight who finds salvation, betrayal and salvation of his best... Continue Reading →

Angel: Camden’s Journey

Kevin J. McArthur Camden James needed to leave home.  He loved his mother but could no longer stay at home with an abusive father.  Leaving however, he gets a ride from a beast far more vile.  Making his escape, he continues on his road trip and meets a lot of people.  Which is where I... Continue Reading →

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