Grandmaster Feywon Clouddancer

From a young age, Feywon trained as a monk, eventually joining the ranks of the Shado-pan.  After the mist cleared the Horde and the Alliance came to Pandaria bringing their decades old war and causing an increase in the sha energies it was their job to defend against but this amount of war and violence,... Continue Reading →

High Priest Noriella Lightgiver

When she was young, Citizens of Stormwind were seeking refuge in Lordaeron, where she was born.  As the scourge came, her family sought the same in Stormwind.  Seeing the suffering and death and undeath brought on with the scourge, she found solace and comfort in the light the priest hood when able within the Stormwind... Continue Reading →

Netherlord Simmee Cogglesprocket

A resident of Gnomeregan until they were pushed out, he spent a brief time in Ironforge trying to get assistance in retrieving not only ore but someone to help him retrieve plans that had been left..  After never finding success with the retrieval and feeling like he knew all he could learn from his kind,... Continue Reading →

Archdruid Vorshen Blackwind

A gilneas native he worked as a cobbler and never much of a soldier until affected by the curse and learned he had an affinity for the natural druidic magic of the night elves.  Upon almost dying was when he first turned, his newfound worgen power causing him to lose control lashing out at anything... Continue Reading →

Huntmaster Galadriena Silverbreeze

While able to say their lineage was of a highborne nature, during the war of the ancients the line of Silverbreeze joined the resistance against the Burning Legion. She served under Jarod Shadowsong, as the war raged on. In the end she joined the remaining night elves in Darnassus where she joined the Sentinels of... Continue Reading →

Farseer Tyredan

Born on Draenor he fought against the orcs until the Draenei escaped to Azeroth.  After the crash of the Exodar he began to feel a connection to the spirits and elements.  He began to learn from Farseer Nobundu and his pupils.  He learned quickly. On one journey into the Azuremyst Isles, he fell into a... Continue Reading →

Highlord Grenlan Forgehammer

During the second war, he was ground forces.  Being from Khaz Modan as opposed to the highlands Grenlan was not a fan of being in the air so he avoided the Squadrons of Gryphon riders.   As the war progressed he learned more of the Knights of the Silver Hands.  These Paladins. Having joined in with... Continue Reading →

Slayer Ilyaenna Stormshadow

During the war of the ancients she fell under the ranks of Jarod Shadowsong and before that Ravencrest.  While she never agreed with imprisonment of Illidan after the war, she was not but a mere soldier and after the sundering took up post in the forest of Ashenvale.  There she worked alongside a priest of... Continue Reading →

Battlelord Esmivera

Born on Draenor she was raised to be a warrior.  While at first she only did patrols as life there was relatively peaceful, then the orcs brought war.  She fought against the orcs until the Draenei escaped to Azeroth, defending her people and the Prophet and helping them retreat to what was the Zangar Marsh.... Continue Reading →

Deathlord Vidicous Korin

Born to a farmer in eastern Lordaeron, he took over his family farm after the second war.  His father was lost to the horde and at the young age of 13 he began to run the farm.  He was well liked in the region having grown up quick.  His mother was never the same after... Continue Reading →

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