The Nobodies

A group of everyday nerds find themselves caught in the middle of a conspiracy and the only ones they can trust are themselves. When they find a copy of a rare comic, it draws them into the world of political espionage when international terrorist have used rare comics to pass messages for around a decade.... Continue Reading →


Detective Jim Hughes finds himself investigating a string of apparently unrelated crimes with a few small pieces of evidence. It also appears that the reason behind the crimes has no apparent motive and even his profile seems baffled at some of the information. And then the villain makes it personal, finding interest in the competition... Continue Reading →

Streets of Honor

Lieutenant Chris Jackson, dishonorable discharged from special forces after an incident cost the lives of more than a dozen political hostages.  Avoiding prison time and court martial due to mitigating circumstances he was sent home with next to nothing to Port Angeles, where he grew up. With next to nothing he goes takes a cab... Continue Reading →

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