The dream is always the same A room dressed in black where only two stand Light emanates from everywhere and nowhere He walks up and tries to reach for her Every time he touches nothing Inside he fought, reaching and grasping for air Screaming, silence filled the room His will wasn't strong enough He fell... Continue Reading →

Dreams of a Memory

Spread your wings and fly, I am stupidfied I can't help but think of all your lies Cross the moon with fear, blood seeps in your tears This is just one time of the rest of your life Paint the world in grey, forgive me for one day Just to let me know that things... Continue Reading →

Rose Dripping Blood

The seed is polluted, open wound of lies This can't be for real, CROSS THE LINE Paint on the wall is chipping, False truths start wearing thin Lust to live forever, NOW'S THE END   <CHORUS> ATROCITY Break the seal, lick the wound Enwrap the sun, elipse the moon The bitter rose is just the... Continue Reading →

Life Fading Away

Life is like a ferris wheel, that's spinning all around The meanings like the missing link, never to be found Life is like an elevator, going up and down Then when life is over, you're six feet underground   We run around in circles and try and catch our tails We try and save each... Continue Reading →

The Class of 98

Yesterday's fire, is slowly fading out As tomorrows starts to burn Many lessons have been taught With many more to learn The memories and friendship Will never fade away They will always be remembered In our own special way We know the journey's over As a tear drops from our eye The new adventure starts... Continue Reading →


The world stops spinning round The walls come crashing down A vivid dream inside our head The goodness in our lives is dead We live in an immortal fear Why┬áNOW does everybody start to care Our memory has been erased The future of our lives encased Our history will be forgot When will all the... Continue Reading →

Creeping Evil

The immortality of evil is drifting all around It's creeping through the darkness, it doesn't make a sound There is no way to fight it, it only has one goal It takes your body over and tears apart your sould It irritates your conscience, when it gets beneath your skin You feel an awful hatred,... Continue Reading →


If I close my eyes, will the pain go away Life's become a game, I no longer want to play It's all so confusing, what the fuck do I do I'm caught inside a maze, that I never will get through The walls are closing in, I'm running out of air If I take my... Continue Reading →

Neverending Dream

Life is going in a circle, its getting to my head I have to start to wonder, what happens when I'm dead Will I go to heaven, will I burn in hell The future is so fuzzy, it's always hard to tell Will I ever wake up, from this neverending dream I'm stuck in here... Continue Reading →

The Real World

The world has gone to chaos, the light is turning black Wake up and smell the real world, where loved ones don't come back You're living in a fantasy, where dreams they never die If you took a look around you, it'd probably make you cry You can feel the fear in silence and hear... Continue Reading →

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