Letting Go of Angels

(This is actually still in the rough draft phase.  It was meant to be short and may some day get the revision and any additions it may need.) “Who is she,” Lori yelled.   Jim said nothing.  he stared at her intently, words seemingly choked up in his throat.  He kept his hands in his... Continue Reading →


Detective Jim Hughes finds himself investigating a string of apparently unrelated crimes with a few small pieces of evidence. It also appears that the reason behind the crimes has no apparent motive and even his profile seems baffled at some of the information. And then the villain makes it personal, finding interest in the competition... Continue Reading →

Conversation with God

I sat in the waiting room tapping my foot with anticipation.  How many opportunities does one get.  I was meeting my maker.  I can't deny a little apprehension.  After all, the few people who supposedly ever talked to God tells a story of a burning bush that could have a been a bad trip on... Continue Reading →

Manifesto of a Lost Soul

I stood there, looking into the confused blue eyes of a scarred and wretched soul of a man, which lie in the middle of the street. His youthful face was consumed by pain and his heart poured out any life remaining within him. He was in so much agony. He extended his arm, begging for... Continue Reading →

My Thoughts on Existence (Circa 1996)

Sometimes I wonder if yesterday is  a memory Of if tomorrow is a dream Could you ever really change the past Or ever see the future before it gets here Is time just a circle Is this occasional but seldom feeling some call dejavu Just a small glimpse of a life your soul has experienced before?... Continue Reading →

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