Final Fantasy and its Evolution

Before continuing I think it's important to understand my history with the Final Fantasy Series.  It started with IV.  Playing as the Dark Knight turned Paladin, and the allies that he gains and loses throughout the story of crystals, summoned monsters and the Big Whale.  For a good part of my life, the go to... Continue Reading →

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Venturing from the full 3d roaming of Arkham Asylum, Blackgate offers a slightly different 2.5 dimensional gameplay. Blackgate takes place before Arkham Asylum in the overall timeline of the games but after Arkham Origins. While we haven't played Origins itself, Blackgate is built sufficiently enough to stand on it's own. While the games resembles a... Continue Reading →

Batman: Arkham Asylum

I played through this a few years ago, but just did a play through for a second time. This time I payed more attention than I remember the first time through. It was a little more than the mindless button pushing of the combat system, with the occasional counter. It was listening to the interview... Continue Reading →

Sleeping Dogs

We haven't really done a review in a while. But Sleeping Dogs was enough for us to feel the obligation to give one to share the enjoyment we had playing it, and to do our part to help give the exposure we feel it deserves. Most people have heard of the Grand Theft Auto series.... Continue Reading →

Beautiful US

In the consideration of the condition of mankind, one has to recognize the fact that our evolution of reasoning and fulfillment have taken a lower priority to the gods of conformity and acceptance. Our culture is not one built around adapting to changing times, it is a matter of surviving them.

Grandmaster Feywon Clouddancer

From a young age, Feywon trained as a monk, eventually joining the ranks of the Shado-pan.  After the mist cleared the Horde and the Alliance came to Pandaria bringing their decades old war and causing an increase in the sha energies it was their job to defend against but this amount of war and violence,... Continue Reading →

High Priest Noriella Lightgiver

When she was young, Citizens of Stormwind were seeking refuge in Lordaeron, where she was born.  As the scourge came, her family sought the same in Stormwind.  Seeing the suffering and death and undeath brought on with the scourge, she found solace and comfort in the light the priest hood when able within the Stormwind... Continue Reading →

Netherlord Simmee Cogglesprocket

A resident of Gnomeregan until they were pushed out, he spent a brief time in Ironforge trying to get assistance in retrieving not only ore but someone to help him retrieve plans that had been left..  After never finding success with the retrieval and feeling like he knew all he could learn from his kind,... Continue Reading →

Infinity Divided

During the old republic, a dark wielder of the force was in charge of a mining operation on a remote planet. Gwen Soren had her own apprentice, knowing that he had a power in the Force that rivaled her own. However she had noticed recently a certain unease within him. As they reached the planet... Continue Reading →

The Nobodies

A group of everyday nerds find themselves caught in the middle of a conspiracy and the only ones they can trust are themselves. When they find a copy of a rare comic, it draws them into the world of political espionage when international terrorist have used rare comics to pass messages for around a decade.... Continue Reading →

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