Reflections in Time

"And now I see clearly. All these times, I simply stepped aside. I watched but never really listened, as the whole world passed me by." Five Finger Death Punch - I Apologize The initial idea behind Digital DNA was to give meaning to the outlet I was using while recording on my phone. Using the... Continue Reading →

Jedi: Fallen Order

After the execution of Order 66, the purge began. The republic forces hunted down the Jedi labeled as traitors by recently elevated Emperor Palpatine with his new apprentice Anakin Skywalker turned Darth Vader. Five years later you take control of Cal Kestis, former Padawan hiding on the planet Bracca. After an unfortunate incident resulting in... Continue Reading →

ZEN Podcast

An upcoming podcast just to talk with friends and family. Production for this is still in the works, although it has taken a backseat like many of my projects due to school. Both episodes one and two have been decided on. Episode one is me and my son, discussing the Marvel Cinematic Universe up to... Continue Reading →

What is Shadowblade Chronicles?

Since the dawn of man it has been believed that Light and Dark are opposites and perhaps that’s true. But what needs to be acknowledged is that in between them lies shadow. Shadow is the child of both, and without one you cannot have the other. Kahgei, commander elite in the imperial army, wielder of... Continue Reading →

What is Edge of Space?

It is said that the universe was created during the big bang.  That it is ever expanding albeit slowly over the trillions of years of existence.During this, life grew on scattered worlds, evolving themselves into countless species.  Humans grew to be the dominant race in the milky way galaxy on the third planet from its... Continue Reading →

What is Echo of Aether?

So what is “Echo of Aether.” For me it’s work of love, to put it simply. For me it’s heartache and frustration, of having a story, that doesn’t seem to want to come to like. It’s the culmination, of ideas, reiterations and thoughts that have been systematically worked over to come to a story of... Continue Reading →

Batman: Arkham Asylum

I played through this a few years ago, but just did a play through for a second time. This time I payed more attention than I remember the first time through. It was a little more than the mindless button pushing of the combat system, with the occasional counter. It was listening to the interview... Continue Reading →

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